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Silk Filled Duvets

Silk duvets have over one hundred layers of premium Grade-A silk hand-stretched and stitched in place. They come in four weights - Summer silk duvets, Spring/Autumn silk duvets for all seasons, and Winter silk duvets.

Combination silk duvets are the lightweight and medium quilts buttoned together giving extra value. Separate for summer months and join together for the cooler months.

We've taken the top quality pure mulberry silk and created a silk floss to use in our exclusive silk comforters. Silk is a wonderful fabric for bedding, but as a filling for quilts, silk floss fill is unmatched for comfort, health, and all-season breathability.

Silk duvets are also the healthier alternative to down or synthetic quilts thanks to silk's natural breathability, and hypoallergenic qualities. The nature of long-strand silk fibers mean silk duvets are just as warm but much lighter than traditional quilts, and drape over your body instead of "suffocating" you with the bulk of a conventional quilts. Once you have experienced the softness and pure luxury of silk duvets, it is very difficult to consider using anything else. Tempted? Take a look at our range of silk duvets.

You can buy with confidence as all our silk bedding products come with free international delivery and our full money back guarantee.

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