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Silk Nighties & Sleepwear

Our luxury silk nightwear is made from the gorgeously finest seamless mulberry charmeuse silk. It has a heavy weight of 19 momme with a 400 thread count - Amazingly cool silk, you can feel the quality the moment you wear it. Our silk sleepwear is soft to the touch, lovely to wear and incredibly comfy to sleep in.


Our silk sleepwear collection includes silk pajamas, silk dressing gowns, silk robes, silk shorts, silk shirts, and silk chemise. All pieces in the collection feature the same unmatched 19-momme, 100% mulberry silk, giving the silk nightwear an incredible feel and luxurious drape. Available in five sizes, each style is designed with a graceful cut and a fit that flatters all body types.


Experience the feeling of sheer luxury with’s range of pure silk nightwear. Made from the finest ‘A’ grade mulberry silk, it is soft, hypoallergenic and breathable and its high protein content makes it kind to the skin.


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