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Spring/Autumn Silk-Covered Silk-Filled Duvet

  • $389.00

Bring luxury and elegance to your bedroom with this Spring/Autumn Silk Covered Silk Filled Duvet.
Hand-made to maintain comfort, the spring/autumn weight 9-11 tog duvet is wrapped in premium quality 100% pure Mulberry silk and filled with 100% silk floss for unmatched comfort, health, warmth and breathability. Circle stitching keeps the filling evenly distributed and enhances the naturally breathable qualities of silk. A discreet inspection zipper allows you to inspect the silk floss quality.
Silk covered silk filled duvet is specially suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers and are naturally anti-dust mite and completely anti-allergenic. Don¡¯t be deceived by the light weight ¨C this will provide you enough warmth and keep you feeling tropical even when it¡¯s like the Arctic outside.

Weight: Spring/Autumn weight 9-11 tog duvet
Duvet Filling: 100% Grade A long-fiber Mulberry silk filling
Duvet Casing: 400 thread count 19mm pure silk casing
Naturally hypoallergenic: Great for allergy sufferers
Care Instructions: Rarely requires cleaning - simply air outside on a sunny day to freshen up. Do not wash or tumble-dry. Spot clean only.

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